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WOW!  Great running by both Denae and Matthew in winning the TAPPS 4A titles in both the 1600 and the 3200!


Denae was the CLASS of the field with a new 3200 record of 11:06, and a lonely win in the 1600 on a windy day in 5:09!!!

Matthew also dominated the 3200 to win in 9:32.  In the 1600 m, be provided some great fireworks with a come from behind win in 4:28!

Caleb had a good meet as well finishing 4th in both the 3200 m ( 10:23 ), and the 1600 m ( 4:49 )!

Go to texasmilesplit.com - TAPPS videos to watch the 1600 races.

So proud and happy for all of these runners.  Caleb showed great improvement on the hills and has faster times ahead of him! Matthew over came the Flu and broncitus to get down to 2:27 and then win two titles at state!  DENAE - well she moved mountains to get where she is today! A great young runner in Florida ( 5:06 ) - moved to Texas and only found injuries in her running life! Progress was totally halted, but with the help of great parents and the Strider program, she got, both well, and faster.  Even after major injury at the NXN race in the mud, she fought back for new PR's in the 3200 ( 10:51 ) and a 5:05 high in the 1600 m.  Now she is the new 3200 m record holder in 4A TAPPS, and the 1600 m champion!

I LOVE coaching and I specially LOVE seeing hard working runners excel - no matter the level.  These three all had great high school seasons and I am proud of of all three of them.  I hope they will inspire the great group of young runners we have as the years go by! A case in point, a 7th grader, Sean just ran a nice 5:32 PR today!  Proud of him and his hard work!

See the weekly training notes!


May 1, 2016 - Sub Four

Another sub - four minute mile be a high school boy!  Two last year, one this year - really good news for US middle distance running! Congratulations to Michael Slagowski who did it in a high school only race!

Times this week:  Carrie 11:21, Allie 11:51, Hanul 11:53, Denae 11:15 and 5::15, Matthew 9:57 and 4:35.


May 1, 2016 - Great workout!

Those that showed up on Saturday had a really great workout!  Well done all! I love to see runners pushing themslves to the max, in hard workouts, at the end of the season! Now race hard and fast times are ahead.

Good luck to DENAE and MATTHEW at state this week!

Looking ahead - the LUKES Allcomers meets start May 17.  This will be our Tuesday workout/race day from then to mid June, when we take a break. Those in the west should attend a Thursday workout in the mid-cities, and we will have Saturday workouts as usual.

The Lukes meets give you more chances to run fast times.  Come prepared to race to PR's - I will set racing plans for you, to see if you can improve before the season ends.  You must be COMMITTED NOW - I feel some have lost focus.  Being a good distance runner requires a good work ethic, and a good mental focus.  Without these, you will never know how good you can be.

Training will be hard and fast, but will also be shorter for most - lets get it done!



April 26, 2016 - Possible storms.

If it is storming at 5 pm, there will NOT be a workout at Lake Highlands tonight!  Email or text me if you are not sure.  I really hope to be there!


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