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Help Using the Metroplex Striders Website

How to Contact a Strider


The general public (coaches, fans and other interested parties) may use the Metroplex Striders member list to contact any Striders member.

To contact a Striders member via email...

Login to the Metroplex Striders website (registration is required to login, registration is free for coaches and fans).  Login is required to access the contact tool.

After you have logged in, find the Striders member by reviewing the member list and selecting the personal profile of the individual Stiders member whom you wish to contact.

Once on the Strider's personal profile with whom you wish to communicate, select from the gray menu at the top of the Strider's profile - select "Messages" and then select "Send Email". (see image below for an example)

Fill in the contact form (Subject, Message), enter the Security Code (alphanumeric string presented on the screen) and then press the "Send Email" button.  The Security Code is an anti-spam device, protecting Striders members from spammers and from computerized spambots.

An email will be sent to Strider member.  The email address of the Stider member is protected from the general public, but the email is delivered to the individual Strider member.


If you have any questions or issues regarding contacting a Striders member, please contact us.

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