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Help Using the Metroplex Striders Website

How to See Training Notes and Training Calendars


Some content on the the Metroplex Striders website is reserved for Metroplex Striders members only (content such as Daily Training Calendars, Weekly Training Notes, Hill Training Techniques, Nutrition Resources, etc).

Metroplex Striders administration approves website users to access website content that is reserved for Metroplex Striders only.

To see website content intended for Metroplex Striders only...

1) Register for a username.

2) Be up-to-date on your Metroplex Striders membership fees, coaching fees and payments.

3) After registering for a username, contact Terry Jessup to authorize your username to access website content that is intended for Metroplex Striders only.


For questions regarding access to website content, please contact Terry Jessup.

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